Shacharit (joint with Chabad)

Sunday-Friday 7:30 AM
Sunday-Wednesday services will be held at the Chabad House
Thursday-Friday services will be held in the Hillel Library
All Shacharit services will be followed by breakfast

Mincha and/or Ma’ariv

Sundays at 7 PM in the Hillel Library following Sunday Night Learning


Kabbalat Shabbat: We have 3 services that take place in the building at the same time (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform) 5:30pm in the winter and 6:30 pm in the summer
Shacharit: 9:30am followed by Kiddush and Topics in Jewish Law Discussion
Mincha: about 50 minutes before sunset
Seudah Shlishit: about 20 minutes before sunset
Ma’ariv: at nightfall, followed by community Havdala

Orthodox Shabbat services are held in the Hillel Library